B & Bartoni, in cooperation with the European Union Development Fund, works for the evolution of methods and practices related to our industrial production and staff training. Check out our cutting industry innovation projects below:


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 The program's objective is to strengthen the innovation performance of national companies and increase their competitiveness, increasing the use of unique know-how, to a greater or lesser degree, created in cooperation with the academic and research sectors, expanding the knowledge of companies to its own guidelines: Innovation management processes and more effective protection of intellectual property, especially in the foreign market, thus increasing the number of companies, mainly of local origin, as leaders in technology, to create and commercialize new competitive products in the global market. 


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 The main objective of the program is to acquire new knowledge necessary for the development of new products, materials, technologies and services through the implementation of industrial research and experimental development projects. The results of these activities will lead to the introduction of higher-order innovations and the creation of products competitive on global markets. Particular attention will be paid to research in the field of industrial challenges and key technologies (KETs), which have considerable potential to accelerate the modernization of the corporate base as well as the emergence of new application areas and industries.



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The aim of the program is to strengthen the growth motivation of SMEs, their ability and marketing readiness to find, enter and stay on new markets outside the Czech Republic (territorial and product), including support for participation in international programs. This is related to the increased ability of international expansion, expansion of export scope, production and sales activities.


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The aim of the program is to support the introduction and increase of the capacities of companies to carry out research, development and innovation activities, as well as to increase the number of companies that carry out their own research, development and innovation. The program also aims to deepen cooperation between companies and research and development organizations, create qualified jobs and thereby develop the knowledge economy, improve conditions for companies to participate in national and European research and development programs, and continuously increase the competitiveness of the Czech economy. Project results should be prerequisite for market application.


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The aim of the program is to support applied research projects whose results have a high potential for rapid application in new products, production processes and services. This will help maintain and develop a global position in technology, research, development and innovation, which underpins competitiveness in a number of existing as well as emerging industries and other sectors.


Project No. TH03010262 - Development of burners of B & Bartoni, spol. s r.o.


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The aim of the program is to increase the professional level of knowledge, skills and competences of workers and the compliance of the qualification level of the workforce with the requirements of the labor market, to increase the adaptability of older workers.